The Cumbrian Spaceman

On Sunday, May 24, 1964, English fireman Jim Templeton, of the Cumbrian Fire Service, in Carlisle, Cumberland, took his wife and five-year-old daughter Elizabeth on a picnic. He selected a nearby popular nature resort called the Burgh Marsh.

That day Jim noticed a feel of "electricity" in the air similar to that felt before a thunderstorm. Normally, sheep and cows would be grazing throughout the large meadow but he noticed they were all clustered together at the far end of the field as though fearful of something.

Aside from the three of them, the only other people in sight that day were two elderly women in a car about 400 yards away from their picnic spot.  When Elizabeth had gathered some flowers, Jim took the above photo of his smiling daughter.

Several days later, when Jim picked his film up from the local drugstore, the owner said "It's a shame. Someone just ran into your best picture."  "That's impossible," said Jim. "No one was there that afternoon." However, upon inspection, one photo of his daughter clearly revealed a tall figure standing a short distance behind the five-year-old wearing what appears to be a white space suit and helmet.

Jim showed the picture to friends, co-workers, the police and finally Kodak. No one could explain it but Kodak asked permission to use it in an advertisement offering anyone who solved the mystery a lifelong supply of free film. No one had the solution. Tampering was ruled out as well after the negative was examined and proved not to be a double-exposure or some other image manipulation.

That same year, in Woomera, Australia, England began launching its new "Blue Streak Rockets." During one of the launches, a strange event occurred. One of the technicians, while following launch preparations on a monitor, noticed two tall men in white spacesuits close to the launch tower. The countdown was immediately stopped and security searched the entire area but the two mystery figures were never found.

The Australian press, however, had recently published Jim Templeton's photo of "The Cumbrian Spaceman," the Australian technician had seen it, recognized a dramatic similarity and commented that "he looks like the boys I saw on the monitor."

Interestingly, the Blue Streak Rockets being launched in Australia, where the two mystery spacemen were seen,were originally manufactured at a facility on Carlisle-Newcastle road back in England -- in the immediate neighborhood of the Burgh Marsh where Jim Templeton had first unknowingly photographed "The Cumbrian Spaceman."

While some people dismissed the photo as a fake, a few weeks after Jim's picture was taken, two men in dark suits visited Mr. Templeton at work, claimed they were with "Her Majesty's government" (but refused to show verifying credentials) and asked him to take them to the exact spot where the photograph was taken. Upon arriving at the original Burgh Marsh site, one of the men asked "And that's where you saw the man?" "I didn't SEE any man," answered Jim. With that, the two men left immediately leaving Jim Templeton to walk the five miles back to his station house with more questions but no answers.

(Source: UFOs: The Secret History by Michael Hesemann)

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